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After many years selling to Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical the Pharma Guidelines indicated no more “swag” to Doctors, and so, I found myself laid-off in May of 2008. When I called my son, Lane in Florida, he reminded me that I had a graphic design degree, and could face paint, and suggested I start a children’s entertainment company. He was dating Judi (who now is my daughter-in-law and good friend) at the time, and she was involved in a family entertainment company in Florida. I was laid-off on Thursday, flew down on Monday, Judi and her sister were wonderful and very patient with me and taught me all about Balloon Art!

I flew home and much to my surprise my step-daughter Stacey (who is more like a daughter to me) was learning to create balloon art. It all fell into place so easily, that it seemed “meant to be”. So now the question was “OK what do we call this”. My husband Ted always called me BonBon, and when Zach and Dylan, my grandsons arrived they called me BonBon, also. On Thursday of the following week I went to my attorney’s office and officially started: BonBon’s Parties & Events.

We’ve always seemed to have the perfect answer to a parent’s need to make a birthday special without “breaking the bank”. We now have over 40 characters, 15 entertainers that we can call on and lots and lots of parties.

We have performed and entertained at large beautiful venues, such as the Ritz, the opening of Virtual Hospital in Voorhees, the Horsham Toys R Us Super Store Grand Opening, the Army Navy Game, the top Union’s at their Halls for Holiday Parties, Ronald McDonald Houses throughout the Delaware Valley, The Mansion, Valley Forge Convention Center, and so many more restaurants and homes.

Our slogan continues to be: WE MAKE HAPPY PARTY FACES!!! And I feel blessed every day to be the owner of BonBon’s Parties.

Thank you for the opportunity to work together and to make your child’s birthday party a Happy Event.

Bonnie Brooker